Saturday, 26 January 2013

About BlogWales

What is BlogWales?
BlogWales is a way of automatically delivering Welsh blogs to the timeline of the people who follow the BlogWales accounts on twitter and like the BlogWales account on facebook.

The reason for setting up BlogWales is to make it easier for people to read, share and interact with Welsh blogs.

BlogWales uses the RSS feeds from Welsh blogs and (via a couple of 3rd party websites) delivers them to the accounts listed and linked above.

Why would I follow BlogWales?
BlogWales is just one method of following Welsh blogs, it's up to you which one you use.

Why would I want BlogWales sharing my blog?
No content is taken from the original blog aside from the title, picture and the first line or two. Basically this is exactly the same as what is displayed on your own blog lists. The links will always direct people to your blog so you should see an increase in traffic to your blog. These will usually show up as links from facebook, twitter and this page on your stat counters. Hopefully you have already seen an increase.

Why does it repeat posts?
At the moment BlogWales is using two services ("bots") to send to twitter and facebook. Both have their pros and cons and they also act as a back up to each other. They do occasionally double up but that just means that anyone who missed the first might see the second. When these "bots" check for new feeds and don't find any they will often post older posts which allows people to read some of your posts they might have missed the first time around.

How can I share BlogWales?
The easiest way is by following, liking and sharing posts. If you have a blog then you can add this to your blog list or even add a graphic to your blog.
How do I get my blog on BlogWales?
First, have a look at the blog list on the main page to see if yours is on there. If not, either send an email, tweet, comment on here or facebook with a link to the blog. An RSS link would be preferable. Currently BlogWales shares Welsh blogs in both English and yn Gymraeg. Blogs are mainly political but there are some others already shared. We also have the news feeds for the Welsh Greens, Plaid Cymru and Welsh Conservatives. The other parties do not have RSS feeds.

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